fugue (90 mins)

fugue draws its structure from Bach’s masterwork The Art of the Fugue. In the play a single park bench becomes the locus of several chance encounters, exploring the relationships between structure and creativity, father and son, husband and wife, language and love.

Dream-like, intellectually challenging and infused with humor, fugue is a thoughtful piece of theatre perfect for a company interested in exploring the endless possibilities presented by a bench, two characters and an audience.

Contrapunctus XIV: The Unfinished FugueRUNNING TIME: 1 HR 30 MINS
LOGLINE: The lives of a former chess champion, an aspiring news reporter and a struggling writer intertwine mysteriously over the course of a single day, offering a meditation on structure and the creative process.

(I should note that I owe a good deal of the inspiration for this piece to Dr. Vladimir Chaloupka, whose unmatched passion for Bach’s Art of the Fugue inspired a similar fire in me.)

fugue (Two Plays in One Act)