Hey y’all, They posted the NY video of my NBC Scene Showcase here: NBC SCENE SHOWCASE NY 2016 from NBCU Talent Infusion Programs on Vimeo.

Copyleft John Skelson 2012

An old friend of mine from high school is moving to New York and he recently asked me for any advice I had about making the transition. As I am nothing if not lazy, I decided to copy and paste most of what I wrote to him here in honor of my Manhatta-versary.

Wednesday Words - Mouse Trap

“So it has come to this,” he thinks, crouching half-naked in the center of his kitchen floor, clutching the handle of a wooden spoon. He likes the way it sounds […]

For no particular reason, here’s a list of all the improv videos I appear in, in reverse chronological order (so if you watch from here down I SHOULD get worse […]