Copyleft John Skelson 2012

An old friend of mine from high school is moving to New York and he recently asked me for any advice I had about making the transition. As I am nothing if not lazy, I decided to copy and paste most of what I wrote to him here in honor of my Manhatta-versary.

Wednesday Words - Mouse Trap

“So it has come to this,” he thinks, crouching half-naked in the center of his kitchen floor, clutching the handle of a wooden spoon. He likes the way it sounds […]

For no particular reason, here’s a list of all the improv videos I appear in, in reverse chronological order (so if you watch from here down I SHOULD get worse […]

Thomas Mann, b. June 6 1875

Nothing comes without sacrifice, we are told. It’s hard to be an artist of any type, let alone a goddamn writer. Writing, according to Hunter S. Thompson, is “the flip […]