Haikus I Wrote About Japan

… while traveling there in the winter,

with a baby, when the heat went out.


Diapers are all clean
Hanging everywhere like flags
But wet. Fuck Japan.

Ceilings are too low
Hit my head against fucking
Lamp shade. Fuck Japan.

Shoes off at the door.
House slippers are not bathroom
Slippers? Fuck Japan.

Another temple.
Clean and old. I am wet and
Cold. Fuck Kyoto.

This Airbnb
Looked nicer in the picture
Nothing is nearby.
(Fuck Japan).

ATM fees – what are those?
Fucking expensive.

Everyone smiling
At Isaac again. Except
The restaurant owner.

Sorry about this.
He’s usually not like this.
Tea ceremony.

Isaac please please please
Be quiet. We are in a
Goddamn graveyard. Shit.

Every day we pack
The same bag. And every day
We forget something.
(Fuck Japan.)

This temple dates from
The Meiji Restoration.
Know what that means? No.

These streets are so clean.
Oh shit I dropped a raisin.
I am so ashamed.
(Fuck Japan.)

Early morning light.
I can see my breath inside
The house. Fucking Japan.

Remote control heat.
Instructions in Japanese.
Fucking fuck Japan.

Japan would be nice
Without a baby, I bet.
Or not for a month.
(Fuck Japan.)

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