An Open Letter to Trump Supporters on the Day of His Election

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters on the Day of His Election

When your candidate loses the election, it feels like getting dumped by twenty million people. You realize you’ve been living in a fantasy, that while you’ve been picking out baby names the other half of the country has been scoping out the guy with the weird hair. It’s a gut-punch.

I woke up this morning feeling cratered: disappointed, dismayed, depressed. But more than any of that, I feel confused. How did we get here? I thought holding hands on the Ferris wheel and voting for gay marriage meant something to both of us… were you just faking it?

I’m racking my brains to find the moment things went wrong. Was it really just that you couldn’t trust me after you went through my email? Or was it something more? And the more I think about it, the more I think you’re right: maybe we were never meant to be together. Maybe we really ARE too different.

I mean, I went to college, for one. I live in the city, I have a good-paying job and I read a lot. You don’t like any of that stuff. I’m careful about what I eat. I consider my environmental impact. You live on McDonald’s and Burger King.

Look, I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. I’m trying to say I agree with you! You think of me as an ivory tower liberal, casting aspersions on your way of life from up on my high horse. I get that, I do. It’s gotta feel pretty awful to think all us cityfolk are snickering behind your back, mocking you for your belief in God. And I understand that Trump seemed like a real good way to send us all a message. Well: message received.

Since things are pretty much over between us, I want to clear the air on a couple fronts. First of all, we really tried. Trump’s not an easy guy. Even you have to admit that. But he’s the guy you picked, so we tried to be courteous. It’s true that when he said something wrong, we pointed it out. But we did the same thing to our candidate, so you can’t be angry about that. We really did our best to take him — and you — seriously. We interviewed him on our liberal talk shows, asked his opinions about world politics and tried to get him to tell us anything about his plans for governing. When he made it clear he didn’t want to talk about that stuff, we backed off.

We did that out of compassion. Trying to understand your side. You’ve been through a lot, there’s no doubt. Ceaseless war, a debilitating recession, lingering unemployment… hey, you’ve had a rough go of it. We really, genuinely tried to be respectful of all the hardships you’ve faced and the sacrifices you’ve made. I guess that’s why this hurts so much– it feels like you haven’t tried to understand our side at all.

And to be honest, I’m tired. I’m tired of treating you like your opinion matters. Fuck your opinion. If you read a book every once in a while, maybe turned to a news station that didn’t cater to your love of guns and God but forced you to weigh an opposing viewpoint, perhaps I’d give a shit about your opinion. But as long as your opinion amounts to parroting Wayne LaPierre or Donald Trump or Fox News or Alex Jones, you can shut the hell up about it. Your opinion doesn’t count for shit unless you’ve read a fucking book in the last six months.

I’m not harping on God, here. Fuck no. You can worship God all you like, however you like– as long as your belief in God stops at my federal building’s doorstep. Keep your religion the hell out of my politics, I’ll keep my politics the hell out of your religion.

While we’re getting this all out on the table: you say you’re tired of being “talked down to” by the liberal media? Well believe me, I’m tired of the media being dumbed down to your level. In fact let’s agree on that right now, can we? You keep all your reality shows and NASCAR races, just let us have a few decent news outlets that you’re not allowed to comment on or intimidate advertisers about supporting. Please! There has to be somewhere in this media hellscape where we can be left alone to have an elevated dialogue that doesn’t involve assessments of political “likeability.”

And finally, I’m sure it sounds smart to you when Trump says he’s gonna kick the Muslims out and build a wall. Simple solution, right? How come no one else has thought of that? Here’s the thing– for those of us in the city, those are our neighbors. Our friends. That’s our family. You’re talking about breaking our family up. Do you even realize that?

Of course you don’t. You’d rather stay wrapped up in your flag, longing for some idyllic version of America from the 1950s. You know what that makes you? A fucking racist. You’re a fucking racist, and I’m tired of not saying it out loud to your racist fucking face.

But you know what? You won. And I’m sure, in time, I’ll forgive you for it. Maybe your message/vote will shake up the two-party system; even carve a place for a viable, centrist third party that doesn’t appeal to extremists in either camp. Or maybe your bloviating demagogue will get impeached in the first few months. Maybe we’ll invade fucking Mexico, who knows?

In any case, you got what you wanted. I hope you’re happy. Don’t call me.

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