Making Things Up Is So Hard

For no particular reason, here’s a list of all the improv videos I appear in, in reverse chronological order (so if you watch from here down I SHOULD get worse and worse at it).

Toby & Riegan do Gravid Water, 05-29-2012

KRULL at Indie Cage Match (UCBEast), 02-26-2012

KRULL at Improv Nerds (UCBEast), 01-09-2012 – first 20 seconds is screwed up, stick with it

John Murray 401 Class Show, 12-03-2011

KRULL at Under St. Marks, 10-27-2011

KRULL at UCBEast Indie Team Showcase, 10-09-2011

UCB 301 Class Show (Anthony Atamaniuk), 06-12-2011

UCB 201 Class Show (Ryan Karels), 03-07-2011

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