New Year, New Decade — Same Old Pop

Hello fearless readers, and welcome to the unimaginable future of tomorrow!!

1-1-11I apologize for the hyperbole in that last sentence. The truth is, I love New Year’s like some kind of crazy Valentine’s Day fanatic would love Valentine’s Day. Or like Jews love Easter (secretly, very secretly!)

Why do I like New Year’s so? Perhaps it’s because Christmas is finally over and we can all get on with having a miserable winter together. It’s always bothered me that the Solstice and Christmas and all the other “winter holidays” actually happen at the beginning of winter instead of in the middle or toward the end. I wish Christmas happened properly in March, so we could celebrate the return of Spring instead of … hooray! More winter!!

But I digress. The point is, I love me some New Year’s and I have several New Year’s traditions I like to celebrate. The first is to select a word for the year to come. Sort of like a resolution, but more accurately a kind of “theme” — I try to encompass in a single word the changes I’d like to see in myself, in my circumstances, and in my career and personal life.

This year’s theme word is “ESTABLISH.” It’s a verb, which is different from years past when I’ve chosen “HONESTY” or “COMMUNICATION.” The establishing shot is the first shot in a film sequence, which sets up the action to come. Establish for me, this year, means to establish myself in New York (I should say establish my Self in New York) and to establish relationships clearly and of course to establish myself as a writer proper.

My other favorite traditions are:

DJ Earworm’s United States of Pop Music Video
(mashup of the top 25 Billboard songs of 2010)
KEXP’s Top Albums of the Year Countdown
(I can never remember if it’s 90 or 93 albums)
Bruce Sterling’s Annual State of the World Address at The WELL
(doesn’t start until January 3rd, so I just linked to a Google search, for now)
Pandit Parashar’s Yearly Horoscopes
(A Vedic Astrologer who makes boldly specific claims for the year ahead)

Anyone got any other favorite traditions? I mean, besides missing your iPhone alarm?

What’s your New Year’s word?

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