Sometimes things just light on fire…

Yep, that thing's never gonna run again. No point towing it away, now.

…and sometimes you find yourself staring into the abyss of your soul, trying to remember why you ever made half the decisions you’ve made in your life, and how on earth you’re going to explain yourself in under 350 words.

Yes, that’s right. It’s Toby’s Annual Graduate School Application Month, again. The list is different than last year’s, though no less high-falutin: Michener Center @ UT Austin, Columbia’s Playwriting program, Julliard’s Playwriting “Certificate” program, and Yale’s Playwriting MFA. Yep, I’m shooting at the ol’ moon again this year, hoping maybe my GRE scores and a couple new reference letters, plus the year I’ve had to rewrite last year’s application will make the difference.

And I feel good about the whole process this time around. My personal statement is stronger than ever before, my script is strong, and I’m not doing any of that over-compensating-by-using-big-words stuff that I usually do. See, I couldn’t even think of a big word that means “over-compensating-by-using-big-words!” Oh, wait, I’ve got one: “pretentious asshole.” Yeah, that would do it.

Anyway, this P.A. is going to be very happy when TAGSA Month is over. My brain is tired of planning to go to the post office and mail my application packet. Once that finally happens, all that’s left to do is get through that long, long stretch of time at the end of March when every postman you see is a potential tackling target. Last year I literally had to take up video games again, just to get through the long, mail-less stretch from Saturday to Monday.

This year I’m not going to let myself get crazy like that. I’m just going to keep writing, and if I start to get anxious I’m just going to think to myself: “Hey. At least you’re not in a car that’s on FIRE.”

Yup, that’s gonna work.

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