Oh, hello there.

My name is Toby Scales.
I'm an award-winning playwright and screenwriter with a focus on character-driven genre pieces.

I'm currently seeking representation in Los Angeles.

Who I Am

I recently transplanted from New York to LA. In New York, I ran the Sleepytime Comedy Hour and created the original comedy pilot Nite Dove for NYTVF. In 2016 I was selected as part of the NBC Scene Showcase, and my work has won top honors in contests like Scriptapalooza, the United Film Festival, Los Angeles International Film Festival and Fresh Voices.


What I Do

I write snappy dialogue, believable characters and complex relationships. Recently I've been focused on adapting public domain content into unexpected genres: think Cyberpunk Pinocchio.


My Work

Below are a few of my finished pieces. If you see something you like, let me know! I'm happy to share the full script.

Say Hello.

You read this far. Why not drop me a line?