Wednesday Words - The Bees

It’s raining outside. Droplets bead on my windows forming a scatter pattern that makes me think of insect swarm behavior. All the bees which used to bury me are dead, […]

Wednesday Words - Facebook

He clicked the loopy arrow at the top of his screen to refresh the page again. Her half-open mouth, sheathed in deep red lipstick disappeared briefly. His eyes flicked to […]

Wednesday Words - Elevator

The sad old demon sat in the corner of the elevator hunched over his knees, face in hands. Thick leathery skin, no longer the vibrant red of youth but purplish […]

Waiting in line at Starbucks, gleaming rows of pastries beckoning behind the glass, Jarvis felt something loosening — and clamped his fists against the terror.

Her face was concave, like it had been mashed in by the butt-end of a fork and people never used to smile at her until she got fake tits.

Wednesday Words - November

He sits with cigarette smoke and a chill in the air outdoors the graying city, watching her guests take pictures they will use to tell a story about themselves to […]

UCB Theatre, New York City

A brief little essay on how nine months of improv training has changed my approach to writing.